Where IT meets people.

We have the recipe for being effective in IT industry
Why do we think so?
It’s because we appreciate working together.

pTAG Values


for the success of our Clients’ projects


and joy of what we do


because we need it to try new things


of our employees and the company itself


at work and in life


because every voice counts

Management pTAG

Artur & Marta & Bartek & Beata & Sławek & Tomek

Why such a setup – 2 ladies/4 gentlemen

Sometimes, fate gives us a chance to meet delightful and fascinating people. We have to cultivate contacts and search for common ground in the upkeep and growth of these relations. We met on the bumpy career path of the IT world and quickly grew to like each other. Each of us went our own way, sometimes passing each other, going in opposite directions, until our paths eventually crossed. We were now heading in the same direction together.

Direction – it matters where, but what matters more is with whom

We build the company together, discuss current affairs and development strategies, consider various options, and make decisions. We are in the here and now and look to the future, which we are optimistic about.

There are plenty of tasks, problems, meetings, and issues, but we don't feel their burden. We enjoy everything we do, and you may wonder how this is possible in a corporation?

It is possible owing to great people from our employees, and pTAG associates. We surround ourselves with excellent professionals with a high level of expertise and work ethic. Still, above all, they are lovely and inspiring people. They are the ones who motivate us to be better and do better in every area of our business.

We don't want to let them down, which is why we care about business growth, new partnerships, expanding the market, obtaining engaging assignments, and building and nourishing our organizational culture.

Our Goal – By building a stable and professional business, we want to grow quickly while making sure to maintain the friendly spirit of a service start-up.

In our operations, diligence is important in building excellent relationships with our business partners. We care about them and are pleased when the services we deliver meet their expectations. We are even more satisfied when the products we develop have social value aswell. It is no exaggeration to say that we feel the thrill and satisfaction of launching these services 😊

We enjoy the trust of our customers and partners


Do you like what we’re doing?

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