Training during the pandemic

In January of this year, we expanded our service portfolio with a new area, which is a consistent addition to our previous IT activities. We took advantage of the fact that an experienced training and documentation coordinator joined our team to maximize the value of our company and put together a training team.

We are pleased to conduct training courses on behalf of our business partner from the EZD TIMSI e-Kanzlei system in January. Despite the difficult situation caused by the pandemic, it has been possible to make effective use of the time, not to wait for the situation to improve and to carry out this training remotely. Practical training requires the active involvement of the participants, who do not limit themselves to observations, but take an active part in learning the functionality.

They overcome the barriers of uncertainty and even recognise the initially unexplainable functions. This is a great achievement of the trainees and the fact that the EZD TIMSI e-Chancellery system is intuitive and designed to improve business processes. Of course, the trainer Anna Pieksza also played an important role in taking the participants on an interesting and exciting journey with the electronic document circulation.

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